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Scaling Ecommerce- & Info Product-Brands To 6-7 Figures
In Monthly Ad Return With Sustainability

"On our very first ad campaign Marvin got me to a 1,917.17% return on my investment. He helped my business tremendously with his advanced marketing."
- Daniel, USA

"The advice of one call had my profit margins going from 25% to 45%! Marvin helped me to triple my revenue over 3 months."
- Kunjal, UK

"Marvin helped me greatly to expand my business using various new marketing strategies. I can only vouch for his services. Thanks so much!" 
- Vincent, USA

Clients ask us: 'Why Apyx dot IO?' IO refers to our sole focus on "I" for "Input" - "O" for Output. When you spend $1, can you see the value in sustainably producing $3, $6 or even $10+ in return? Such results at scale characterize the peak - the "apex-level" of advertising, in any business. Input and Output, IO.

Marvin Adam
Founder of APYX

'We had the pleasure to help business owners from around the globe to grow wildly profitable. Reflecting on our journey, success comes down to the same principles if you put emphasis on analyzing a brand's potential and then executing a congruent advertising strategy. That's what we do.'

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We rather fulfill our potential in one skill at an ardent 100% than to only reach a weak 10% in 10 different skills. We 100% focus on providing Facebook & Instagram ads only.

Locations: 0

We work fully remote. Not spending money on large fancy offices allows us to pay higher salaries to acquire the best talent in the world without limitation to just local applicants.

Countries: 38

From helping solopreneurs to large corporations on five continents over five years to crush their competition while gaining more market share -
we've seen it all and done it all.

Here Are The Facts ...

Brands that don't properly advertise to their store-visitors lose over 77% of all potential sales. These are potential buyers who have already shown interest in making a purchase, yet turn into lost potential.

In other words, more than 77 out of 100 shoppers who enter a checkout menu, leave the site without buying - No matter the industry or niche.

How do you avoid your business from losing 77% of potential sales? It requires strategic remarketing and retargeting, going the extra mile to do what others don't in order to achieve what others won't. If you are ambitious enough to take your brand to the highest level, let us analyze your current performance for free. © 2015-2020, All Rights Reserved.